Sustainability has always been an integral part of Jaguar. Our sustainability strategy focuses on increasing the impact we make with our business, on a social, environmental, and governance level.

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A commitment to sustainability also means being able to demonstrate and prove it. Our certifications are proof of our commitment and adherence to recognized standards.

Please view our compliance certificates here.


Environmental Sustainability

Our commitment to environmental sustainability is demonstrated in the way we have structured our supply chain. We supply our customers as much as possible directly from the source. We are continuously searching for the most sustainable solutions to packaging. Our nursery and test fields in Egypt develop new varieties that use less water and play a role in combatting soil salination. At a corporate level our holding company is involved in Jaguar New Energies, a company that supplies solar solutions to growers in South Africa.


Climate Neutral Certification

The Paris Climate Agreement 2030 requires strong and impactful actions by all parties. At Jaguar we view it as our moral responsibility to reduce CO2 emissions in the supply chain. In 2022 Jaguar’s orange supply chain from Spain, South Africa and Egypt was certified according to the Climate Neutral Standard 1.0.
Becoming climate neutral certified consists of firstly mapping existing emissions, using primary data from the supply chain. The second phase is to reduce CO2 emissions by 25% by 2030. The third part is to compensate any remaining emissions through approved projects. We help our growers connect with Jaguar New Energies in order to find the most efficient ways in which to implement solar energy. This to ensure that our initiatives benefit our partners in the fruit supply chain as much as possible.


From Source to Sustainability: Growing Greener Together

Social Sustainability

Jaguar’s mission is to play a role whenever we can in the countries from where we source our fresh produce. This includes projects in which we support literacy (Little Libraries) and food security (Food Angels).

Good Food, Good Health

As a fresh produce supplier it is our mission to create and deliver healthy, safe and nutritious tailor-made fruit concepts to retailers and other customers all over the world. In t his way, we can play an active role in communicating the value of healthy food to consumers all over the world.

Transparent Communication

Sustainability also requires clear and honest that enables us to create strong partnerships.

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